Birthday Week Kickoff: My Dream Outfit

It’s that time again: Yesterday kicked off the first day of my birthday week (the actual day is this Friday). Now, I’m typically not one to make a big fuss over my birthday—and I won’t this year, either—but Harrison insists on celebrating an entire birthday week rather than just a day, and who can argue with that?

I’m heading to Philadelphia on Thursday, and we’ve planned a nice night out on Saturday that involves grabbing good ol’ pizza at Osteria and maybe taking a trip to the Franklin Fountain for some massive, to-die-for ice cream sundaes.

Though in reality I haven’t even thought about what I’ll wear for the evening, I did put together a fantasy outfit that I would kill to rock that night:

My Dream Birthday Outfit

Clockwise from top left: Antik Batik sequined chevron dress; Hermès Birkin bag; CC Skye pave studs; Tom Ford lipstick in True Coral; Coach cuff bracelet; Valentino studded bracelet; Dara Ettinger amethyst ring; Dior Vernis nail polish in Grege; and Christian Louboutin leather sandals.

The Antik Batik dress is a dream—how could you not love a sequin-and-chevron combo?—and my closet is just screaming for those Louboutins. Of course, it would take me years before I had the extra dough to own all of these beauties, but if I happen to hit the lottery anytime soon: Hermès bag, you’re mine.


What are your thoughts?

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