Closet Clean-Up

In a little more than a month, I’m saying goodbye to Chapel Hill and hellooo to Philly! (And if you don’t get sick of hearing me talk about it by then, you’re seriously a saint.) That means I’ve got exactly five weeks to get my life organized, packed up and moved—and if you think that overwhelms me, then you’re absolutely right. There are few things I dislike more than packing/moving, and unfortunately, I’ve had to do it a few times too many already. But considering that I’m really excited about the move and living with Harrison, it’s 100 percent worth it.

Though I can’t face the idea of actually packing up yet, I did get a little something accomplished this past weekend when I purged my wardrobe. I’ll have less closet space when I move in with Harrison (tragedy), which was the main motivation behind thinning my closet, but a good closet clean-up was also long overdue.

IMG_0103In theory, I know editing your closet is a must and helps you figure out a) what you have way too much of (black dresses, anyone?) and b) what wardrobe staples you’re really in need of. But in reality, I’m typically the type of person who will hold on to a shirt, shoes or bag if I think maybe, just maybe, I might wear it once every year or two. This time, however, I forced myself to think rationally and cut all emotional ties to the clothes that just weren’t cutting it anymore. If I didn’t love the piece, wear it at least once every couple of months, or plan on saving it for a special occasion, it got tossed. I ended up getting three tote bags’ worth of clothes to donate and/or sell; go me!

IMG_0109InStyle has a great closet-purging piece in the September issue (p. 359) that I wish I had read before I went through my wardrobe. But overall, I’m pretty proud of myself!

With fall coming up, are you getting ready to edit your closet? If so, do you have a “method” you use to make it quick and painless?


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