The Crave: Lucite Chair

I’ve still got a month to find a full-time (or at least part-time) job in Philadelphia, but as it stands, I’ll probably be freelancing/working from home for a least a little while once I move. And instead of doing all my work at the breakfast table, I’m planning to get a desk (but probably not one of these beauties, unfortunately) to put in the bare bedroom corner.

I’m almost certain I’ll get a white desk to match with the light, neutral color scheme we have planned for the bedroom, and I definitely want a desk chair that’s not going to be too clunky and heavy for the feel and size of the room.

So what’s the perfect solution? A lucite “ghost” chair, of course! I was never a huge fan of lucite furniture, but I recently started crushing pretty hard on these pieces—chairs in particular. Perhaps it’s the lightness they bring to a room or the way they blend in to the background as if they aren’t even there. Whatever it is, I want one, and here are a few I’m considering (or wishing for):

Lucite Chair

Clockwise from top left: Victoria Armless Ghost chair; Honour acrylic armchairs; TOBIAS chrome-plated chair; Whiteline Imports solo chair; and Louis Ghost reproduction.

How do you feel about lucite furniture/chairs? And do you have a favorite from the choices above? Stay tuned to see which one I pick!


What are your thoughts?

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