Project X: Painted Pillows, Canvas Art & Studded Bookcase

Now that I’ve had my last day at work, picked up the moving truck and have boxes packed up and lining my walls, it’s finally starting to sink in that I’m moving on Sunday. I’ve been preparing for weeks, both mentally and physically, so I’m going to be beyond relieved when this whole process is over in a matter of days.

Buying new furniture and decor has been a big part of prepping for the move, but I’ve also been working on my fair share of DIY projects for the new apartment. Now, I love DIY; I could (and do) spend hours on Pinterest and my favorite DIY blogs admiring all the gorgeous projects and nifty creations. But when it comes to the actual doing part of these projects, I fail miserably (or end up relying on someone else—ahem, my dad—to finish the project for me).

This time around, however, I have to give myself some credit: My three DIY projects look pretty damn good!

DIY Projects: Spray-Painted Pillows and Canvas ArtMy first two projects were inspired by a pair of products I fell in love with but didn’t want to pay full price for. I saw these pillows on Joss & Main about a month ago and knew they would perfectly complement the bits of gray in my ikat-patterned headboard. So when I was shopping at IKEA a few weeks ago, I found a few square throw pillows that were just the right size and decided to spray paint them a shade of metallic silver. Though I’ll probably end up adding another layer of spray paint in a shinier shade to get the effect I was going for, the pillows look amazing with my headboard and are super cute.

As for the canvas project, I was looking for a big piece of art to hang on the empty wall across from our bed, and this piece really caught my eye. Sadly, I don’t think Harrison would be too happy with me if I spent $250 on it. So instead, I bought my own piece of canvas, a little bit of royal blue acrylic paint and a sponge, and created my own work of art—all for about $10!

DIY Studded Bookcase

And now for the star of the show: my studded bookcase. It’s by far the most impressive project I’ve ever done 100 percent by myself (go ahead and laugh, DIY pros), and I’m totally in love with it. I brought this sad little bookcase/table home from Harrison’s apartment last time I was in Philly and originally planned to paint the inside of it yellow (like I talked about in this post a few weeks ago). But once I started priming and painting it white, I realized all of the slats would make it really time-consuming to do that, so I kept it all white instead.

But then there was another problem: the long line of nail holes down each leg. I could have just filled the holes with wood filler and painted over them, but instead, I decided to spray paint some nickel tacks gold and create a studded bookcase. I cannot stop looking at this bookcase and can’t wait to show it off in our entryway!

Have you worked on any new DIY projects lately?


What are your thoughts?

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