Bootie Beauties

Since we started living together again, Harrison and I have found it a lot easier to have regular date nights (typically on Fridays). Not only do I spend the whole week anticipating the chance to have some time together out on the town, but I also start planning what I’m going to wear days in advance (totally natural, right?). Which is why I was bummed out last Friday when I had the perfect outfit picked out—a white peplum top with studded shoulders and my favorite skinnies—only to discover that I didn’t have any closed-toe shoes to go with it.
Now, in my defense, I have my fair share of black shoes that are perfect for cold weather, and even a few pair of colored heels and booties. (Oh, and I’ve yet to replace my favorite nude heels that Paul chewed to pieces a few months ago). But I somehow made it all the way to November without realizing that my basic brown fall shoe needs haven’t been met. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to find the perfect pair of booties to fill that hole in my closet—ASAP!
Ideally, I’d prefer a pair that has some height, but is still fit for walking around the city while doing my Saturday shopping. I’d also like to wear them with black, when possible, and would love a few simple details (zippers or buckles, for example) to make them stand out. After scouring some of my favorite shops and sites, I’ve narrowed it down to 10 potential candidates. (OK, nine, if we’re being realistic. That Saint Laurent pair isn’t happening, but it’s too divine not to include).
Brown Ankle Boots
1. Chunky-heel booties by Nine West 2. Suede ankle boots by Jean-Michel Cazabat 3. Zip-ankle booties by Bruno Premi 4. Platform booties by Saint Laurent 5. Double-buckle ankle boot by LOFT 6. Leather buckle booties by Banana Republic 7. Stacked-heel ankle boots by MICHAEL Michael Kors 8. Leather ankle boot by Dune 9. Triple-buckle booties by MICHAEL Michael Kors 10. Suede zippered ankle boots by CafeNoir
I adore the thick-heeled versions by Nine West, Michael Kors and Dune, but will probably end up picking a pair that’s easier to dress up. Right now, I’m leaning toward the triple-buckle booties from Michael Kors, the zippered ankle boots from Bruno Premi or the suede CafeNoir booties, but that could change in the blink of an eye. So help me out: Which pair (or pairs) would you pick?

What are your thoughts?

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