A Cozy Christmas

In my mind, the official kickoff to the holiday season isn’t Thanksgiving, Black Friday or the day I put up the Christmas tree. Nope, I start celebrating the holidays the very first day I put on (and start terribly singing to) my favorite old-fashioned Christmas music. And this year, I waited six whole days into the month of November to start celebrating (where has my Christmas spirit gone?!).
But now that the Christmas music, holiday shopping and apple cider drinking are officially underway, that means it’s also time to start decorating my apartment for the holiday season. Last year was the first time I had a place of my own to deck out, and while I definitely did my fair share of decorating, my tiny apartment meant I had to do everything—tree included—on a smaller scale. Not to mention, Paul was just a few months old, so having a ton of Christmas decorations around was just asking for some puppy trouble.
But now that we’re in a bigger place (and now that Paul is a bit older and more mature), I’m ready to go all out this year. Actually, let me qualify that: When I say all out, I don’t mean trinkets on every surface, garland strung up in every room, and a palette of red and green as far as the eye can see. As with my typical decor and fashion style, I like to take a subtler approach with shades of gold and silver, luxurious fabrics like knits and furs, and the occasional pop of tartan pattern.
I’m hitting the city streets this weekend to start gathering all of my holiday goodies, but until then, take a peek at some pieces I’d love to bring home:
A Cozy Christmas
1. Candle by Neom 2. Crystal ornament by Swarovski 3. Feather wreath by West Elm 4. Pearl ornaments by H&M 5. Tartan pillow by Williams-Sonoma 6. Faux-fur stocking by Tundra 7. Beaded garland by Pier 1 Imports 8. Sequin ornaments by H&M 9. Sequin reindeer pillow on Etsy 10. Glitter tree topper by Liberty 11. Chunky knit throw by Dunelm
How do you decorate for the holidays?

What are your thoughts?

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