Friday Find: Weekender Tote

It’s only Friday, but my mind’s already racing to figure out what I’m going to pack for my trip home for Thanksgiving next Tuesday. And even after I decide on what to pack, I still have to figure out what to put it all in. Sure, I have a lot of luggage (too much for one person in a small apartment, probably), from big, boxy suitcases to tiny, carry-on totes. But I didn’t realize until today that I don’t have a suitable duffel bag. You know, one of those cute-but-functional weekender bags that are perfect for the trips when a suitcase is just too much? I do have a few duffel bags from my cheerleading days, but those are downright embarrassing to carry. I mean, do you think Gwyneth Paltrow—the queen of traveling in style (Exhibit A)—would tote around a bag that says “East Davidson High School Cheerleader” on it? No. Definitely not chic.

So it’s settled: I need a weekender bag. And a really gorgeous one at that. It’s a good thing I found these two beauties:

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Herringbone weekender tote by C.Wonder

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Leather duffel bag by Bric’s

The black-and-white herringbone pattern would be perfect for cold-weather trips (like a weekend in Aspen, if only I liked to ski), and that leather version would last for years. Which one would you choose?


What are your thoughts?

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