Friday Four

I’ve been doing a “Friday Find” post every Friday for several months now, and as much as I love writing it, I have a problem: It’s too hard to narrow it down to just one amazing item I want to feature each week! That’s why I decided to expand it to a “Friday Four,” full of—you guessed it—four things I want to visit, live with, eat and wear this week.

So without further ado, here’s my very first Friday Four:

Clockwise from top left: Evans & Peel; mimosa bar; red velvet truffles; and a holiday makeup look.

Clockwise from top left: Evans & Peel; mimosa bar; Christmas truffles; and a holiday makeup look.

Visit: Evans & Peel, 310c Earl’s Court Rd., London

Harrison and I are heading to Europe in February (trust me, you’ll be hearing a lot about that over the next few months), and I’ve been scouting out some great spots to hit up while we’re there. London has some amazing cocktail bars, including this old-school, detective agency–themed one. Just look at that bar and tell me you wouldn’t want a drink there!

Live With: A fun and festive mimosa bar (styled by The Everygirl)

I’m not exaggerating when I say Sunday-morning mimosas are a weekly ritual at our apartment—Harrison insists!—and it would be so amazing (and definitely super fun) to have a dedicated mimosa bar. Styled with cute flutes, mini-jugs of single-serve orange juice and some playful art, this would raise the chic factor of any home.

Eat: Christmas Truffles (from Betty Crocker)

These may look like red velvet truffles—and we all know how much I love red velvet anything—but they’re actually made with German Chocolate Cake, one of my favorite flavors. With holiday baking in full swing, this is the perfect dessert to whip up for a big party.

Wear: A drop-dead gorgeous holiday beauty look (from The Globe and Mail)

Whether you’re heading to holiday party or just having a special Christmas dinner with your sweetie, you can’t go wrong with a look that combines a deep red lip, porcelain skin and a messy-but-sexy braid. Oh, and that top isn’t too bad either …

What are your Friday Four this week?


What are your thoughts?

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