Fashion Meets Function: 8 Wet-Weather Boots

Once upon a time, I had a really adorable pair of rain boots that got me through any wet weather you could imagine—until a little puppy named Paul ate them. For some reason, I convinced myself it wasn’t truly necessarily to replace them right away, so months went by without a thought about the missing piece in my wardrobe.

Flash forward several months, when—after moving to Philadelphia—I’ve experienced more rainy and snowy days in a matter of weeks than I did in an entire year of living in North Carolina. And then yesterday, in the midst of yet another snow storm, I had a moment of enlightenment: While walking said puppy in the snow, I completely wiped out, falling on the sidewalk in front of a long line of cars (who probably filled their laughter quota for the day).

Aside from it being totally embarrassing (and very painful!), the little accident made me realize that I needed a pair of wet-weather boots ASAP. So as soon as I got back home, I whipped open my computer, searched for “cute wet-weather boots” and put together this roundup of styles I loved:

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1. Snakeskin wellies by Hunter 2. Quilted bootie by Tory Burch 3. Rubber booties by Diane von Furstenberg 4. Leather snow boots by Belle by Sigerson Morrison 5. Snow booties by Merona 6. Argyle-trim booties by Burberry 7. Heeled bootie by Sorel 8. Wedge boots by Sergio Rossi

Though the first priority with any wet-weather boot is functionality, I would never wear a pair of rain or snow boots that are clunky or unattractive. Fortunately, none of these picks fit that description. I love the classic rain boot silhouette of the Hunters, and the riding boot–style pair from Sigerson Morrison are an everyday boot that could go with any ensemble. But I adore the fun colors, shapes and patterns of  the other boots, too, which makes it really hard to decide which pair is my favorite.

Which boot would you pick?


What are your thoughts?

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