One Year In!

I can hardly believe it, but yesterday marked the one-year anniversary since I published my very first post on this blog! The last year has positively flown by, and I’ve had such a blast creating and developing the blog and connecting with each of you along the way.

One Year In!

I’m a writer by day, and though I’ve always loved my various jobs, I consistently had the itch to create something that was truly me and expressed my style and interests. So when I did just that with this blog, it surprised me how much I loved coming up with ideas and posting every day. Though it’s still just a side gig, I care about and put more time into this blog than I ever would have imagined doing one year (or even six months) ago. It’s truly become a creative haven for me to share my views and interests in fashion, food, decor and more, and I’m so thrilled that you all have joined me along the way.

I hope the next year brings even more excitement and new, creative ideas for the blog, and that each of you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it. And while I’m most definitely looking forward to the year ahead, I wanted to take a look back and celebrate this milestone with a roundup of my favorite posts from year one of Life In Classics. Enjoy!

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  • Spring Into Fashion: Stylish picks for the spring season.
  • Classic Wardrobe Staples: A rundown of the pieces every fashionable woman should have hanging in her closet.
  • Hats Off: Highlighting a fun, floppy and super-chic hat for a chilly winter day.
  • Gilded Glory: Featuring a slinky, shiny tank that helped me ring in the New Year.

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Thank you, again, for helping make this past year one of the best and most creative of my life. My love for this blog grows every day, and I hope that you enjoy it just as much (or even a fraction!) as I do. Now, on to the next year!


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