Statement Maker

It’s not at all crazy that I’ve already started packing (at least mentally) for my trip to Europe in three weeks, right? Especially because it’s going to take a lot of strategy and sacrifice in order to fit two weeks’ worth of clothes into one suitcase. I know I’ll have to pack really smartly and efficiently, paring it down to mostly basic pieces that can easily mix and match with one another. But I don’t want my outfits to be boring by any means, which is where accessories come in. After all, a dress looks totally different belted and with booties than it does with flats and a scarf.

In situations like these, the power of jewelry—statement necklaces, especially—can’t be overestimated. A great necklace can take your basic tee and jeans to the next level and keep you looking chic along the way. And since I plan to pack a lot of neutral pieces for the trip, bringing an arsenal of statement jewelry with me is a must. Which is exactly why I’m on the hunt for one or two gorgeous, statement-making necklaces to add to my collection. So without wasting any more time (I only have three more weeks, you know!), here’s a roundup of beautiful baubles I’d love to have on hand:

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1. Sunburst necklace by Humble Chic 2. Crystal necklace by Vince Camuto 3. Bib necklace by Stella & Dot 4. Floral necklace by Banana Republic 5. Fish scales necklace by Ayaka Nishi 6. Glass bead necklace by Oliver Bonas 7. Arrowhead necklace by Benevolent Jewels 8. Crystal necklace by Shourouk 9. Bib necklace by Matthew Williamson 10. Braided necklace by Oliver Bonas

Crystal necklaces seem to have a habit of catching my eye, but I also like the pieces that use more unusual materials like “fish scales” and braided fabric. I love how bright the starburst and Shourouk necklaces are, but I adore the understated beauty of the Vince Camuto and Stella & Dot pieces, too.

I’m torn! Which necklace would you pick?


What are your thoughts?

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