Friday Four

I’ve yet to figure out how it’s already the last day of January, but I do know that I’ve already started freaking out (in both good and bad ways) over the fact that our Euro trip is less than two weeks away. The list of things I have to do and lists I have to make (ironic, huh?) before leaving for our vacation is overwhelmingly huge, but fortunately, things have slowed down enough this week to give me a few opportunities to start preparing.

My less-stressed schedule means I’ve also had a bit more time to catch up on a fat stack of neglected magazines and scour the Internet for new things to love. So without wasting any more time (I’ve got lists to make, people!), here are the four things I want to wear, visit, eat and live with this week.

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Clockwise from top left: Floral dress; Marc Jacobs headquarters;
salmon recipe; and duct tape table.

Wear: Floral-print dress by Emerson Fry

I saw this adorable dress last week when Emerson Fry released a sneak peek of its spring 2014 collection, and I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. Even though Harrison and I have plans to do some shopping in London in a few weeks and I know I’ll have a ton of amazing pieces to choose from across the pond, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be saving a spot in my closet just for this sweet, spring piece.

Visit: Marc Jacobs pop-up shop at New York Fashion Week

So this is totally cool: During Fashion Week (which starts next week!), Marc Jacobs is opening a pop-up shop from February 7-9 that will—get this—let shoppers “buy” accessories and fragrances using social mentions like tweets and Instagram photos! As if I needed another reason to want to be at NYFW …

Eat: Caramelized Salmon (recipe via Pinch of Yum)

In an attempt to keep things low key before we go all out on our vacation, Harrison and I are minimizing our eating and going out for the next couple of weeks. That basically equates to a lot of movie nights and homemade meals, starting with dinner tomorrow night. I’m planning to make a semi-healthy salmon-based meal, and this recipe is just what I was looking for. It not only sounds delicious, but—even better—it only requires five ingredients. Hallelujah!

Live With: Duct tape table (seen in the February 2014 issue of Real Simple magazine)

I was flipping through the latest issue of Real Simple a few nights ago and came across this really great piece called “Big Ideas in a Small Space.” I love pieces with decorating tips for small apartments (since I seem to always end up in them), but what really caught my eye in this one was the amazing duct tape table designer Michael Garvey created in his kitchen. The process sounds super simple (flip to page 131 for directions), and it ends up giving the table a leathery, large-scale crocodile-skin pattern that looks so chic and really luxe. We have a pair of white coffee tables in our living room, and now I’m seriously inspired to try this DIY myself. Weekend project, anyone?

What are you dying to wear, visit, eat and live with this week?


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