Treat to Try: Dutch Pancakes

It hurts a little to say this, but we’re already back home from our fantastic two-week trip to Europe (hence the reason there was no post yesterday—more than 16 straight hours of traveling can be downright exhausting!). The trip positively flew by, but it was an amazing experience that Harrison and I both feel so blessed to have had and shared together. I’m already missing the European way of life (who wouldn’t love 14 days of exploring new and interesting things?), and I’m especially missing the delicious treats and cuisines of the various cities and countries we visited.

There’s one tasty treat in particular that I’m absolutely obsessed with and could probably never get enough of: Poffertjes. These teeny-tiny Dutch pancakes are like your favorite pancakes on steroids. They’re fluffy, they’re sweet, they’re buttery, and when they’re drizzled with a little powdered sugar and chocolate or hazelnut sauce, they’re a melt-in-your-mouth dessert that you’ll crave forever after just one bite.

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Dutch Poffertjes

Somehow, I only managed to eat this delicious snack once while I was in Amsterdam (shameful, I know), but I’m determined to find a suitable recipe to help me make them at home anytime I want. I’ve scoured the Web and found a few good options, and now I’m sharing them with you so you can enjoy this delectable dessert, too!

We’re having some friends in town next weekend, and if we end up making brunch one day while they’re here, this is definitely a recipe I’ll whip out (if not before then!).

Have you ever tried these mini Dutch pancakes?


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