Whiskey Business

Let me just preface this post by saying that I’m not a fan of whiskey, or any other dark liquor in general, if we’re being honest. But we have some wonderful friends coming into town this weekend—one of which is a great friend of Harrison’s from college, whose birthday we’ll be celebrating—and I have a feeling that our home-cooked meal planned for Friday evening will involve a few tasty cocktails.

Both of the guys are big whiskey fans, so I thought it would be fun to hunt for a lineup of classic-but-creative cocktail recipes centered on their beverage of choice. And because I can’t give all you whiskey-drinking girls out there the cold shoulder, I found some yummy-sounding (and totally beautiful) whiskey-based cocktails that may appeal to the ladies, too. Check them out:

For the Girls

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Clockwise from top left: Spring Fling via Set the Table; Mint Julep via Eva Kolenko; Whiskey Blackberry Ginger Beer via ZinnRunner; Chamomile Honey Whiskey via A Cozy Kitchen; Cranberry Whiskey via Your Southern Peach; and Pineapple Mint Whiskey Sour via The Boys Club

I’ll admit: Considering that I don’t drink whiskey drinks myself, I picked this selection of cocktails for two reasons. One, the other ingredients in the cocktails sounded awesome (I mean, who doesn’t love pineapple, cranberries, honey and blackberries?). And two, they just look really, really gorgeous. Whether those factors end up merging to make a tasty drink, I’ll never know, but I will let you ladies be the judge.

For the Guys

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Clockwise from top left: The Man of War via Aida Mollenkamp; The Manhattan via Honestly Yum; The Sazerac via The Boys Club; Whiskey Sour via Stuff.co; Orange Maple Old Fashioned via Family Fresh Cooking; and Old Fashioned via Fussing With Forks

Many of these recipes are based on cocktails Harrison likes to drink, and being classic whiskey drinks, they’re cocktails that seem to please just about everyone—guy or girl—who’s a fan of the spirit. And, as always, they look really beautiful (especially that Manhattan!).

I’m letting Harrison make the final decision on which drinks he’ll serve up come the weekend, but if you were voting, which of these cocktails would be your drink of choice?


What are your thoughts?

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