11 Essentials for the Perfect Guest Room

As I mentioned yesterday, we have some fantastic friends coming to visit this weekend (they get here today, actually), and it’s a visit I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time! Sadly, we don’t have the luxury of having an extra bedroom in our apartment, so they won’t be staying with us. But because Harrison is in the hotel industry, he was able to get them a great room at his hotel just a few blocks away in the center of the city.

Having friends and family in town always reminds how much I wish we did have an extra bedroom at our disposal, not only so I could have a separate home office, but also so I could offer (and decorate) a nice, cozy place for my guests to stay while they’re visiting. This upcoming visit, in particular, has me visualizing all the things I’d love to add to my first guest room as soon as I get the chance. What are they, you ask? Check out the 11 items below to see the beautiful essentials I think every guest room should include.

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1. Throw pillow by Bluebellgray 2. Sleep mask by Branca 3. Throw blanket by Designers Guild 4. Lamp by Aerin 5. Alarm clock by Newgate Clocks 6. Luggage rack by Modern Expressions 7. Body lotion by MOR Cosmetics 8. Candle by Oscar de la Renta 9. Chair by Kirkland’s 10. Vase by Villeroy & Boch 11. Coffee table book by Vogue

Extra pillows and blankets are a must, as is a luggage rack so your guests don’t have to root around in their suitcases on the ground. I love little touches like scented candles, moisturizing body lotion and a vase full of beautiful flowers, and sleep essentials like a cozy sleep mask and cute alarm clock can’t be neglected. It’s also great to give them somewhere other than the bed to curl up and read an interesting book and just relax.

Though I’m sure there are a million other things a guest bedroom needs (including snacks, towels and a few extra bath items your visitors may have forgotten), these 11 pieces are a great place to start and would make for one chic guest room.

Do you have an extra bedroom for guests? If so, which items are must-haves for decorating your guest room?


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