Gallery Wall Inspiration

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone! I can’t even express how excited I am that it’s officially my favorite season, and now I’m just hoping the weather cooperate soon and really start to feel like spring. The arrival of the spring season brings so many wonderful things—warm, sunny days; beautiful blooms; gorgeous spring style trends I’m dying to test out, just to name a few—but it also reminds me how long it’s been (nearly an entire month!) since our trip to Europe.

We took a lot of great photos on our vacation (you saw a few of them here), and we’ve already started to print and frame a few of them to create a gallery wall on a blank space in our living room. This is my first time creating my own gallery wall, so I knew I would have to start small, study some inspiration, and prepare to make a lot of changes and additions along the way. So far, we only have six prints (and a really gorgeous letterpress card I got for Harrison in London) hanging on the wall, so we certainly have a long way to go, but we’re already loving the way it’s turned out.

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Our tiny starter gallery wall.

I mentioned needing to study some inspiration to get an idea of what we really want our wall to look like, and as I’ve been doing that, I’ve come across so many different styles and layouts that it’s almost impossible to choose my favorite. I love the black + white look (and especially love the idea of doing black + white photos, with one color piece in the center to stand out), but I also love the idea of using colorful or gilded frames, as well as paintings and graphic prints rather than just photographs.

Since I’m having a lot of trouble narrowing down my favorite gallery wall style, I’m going to need your help. Check out the four different styles I’m crushing on, and then tell me which one is your favorite:

Black + White

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Black + White Gallery walls via DustJacket; Design, Dining and Diapers; and ELLE Decor.

Geometric Layout:

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Geometric Gallery Walls via A Passion for Beautiful Things; Mochatiniand Holiday Season Home.

Colorful + Gilded Frames:

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Colorful + Gilded Gallery Walls via The Everygirl; The Design Filesand Lonny Magazine.

Graphic Prints:

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Graphic Print Gallery Walls via MadeByGirlMarika Meyer Interiorsand Emily Henderson.

After seeing all of these amazing gallery walls, I’m sure you can understand why I’m having such a hard time picking just one design to model my own wall after. But maybe I don’t even have to choose just one; maybe I can create a unique design of my own using a mix of the elements I love in all of these walls!

Tell me what you think: Which gallery wall is your favorite?


5 thoughts on “Gallery Wall Inspiration

  1. Ha I think I pinned all the same ones as you! they all have their virtues for sure and theres nothing like a gallery wall to add interest! I guess you’ll need to figure out whether you like the random or organized look and go from there. I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

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