Spring-Ready Home Decor

I’ll be the first to admit it: Spring cleaning is not something I enjoy and/or do very well. Spring decorating, on the other hand—now that’s something I can get on board with. In fact, I’ve been on the lookout lately for a few perfect-for-spring pieces to add to the house, and I’ve found myself really gravitating toward anything floral or tropical print (no surprise there). There’s something so bright, fun and refreshing about floral-print pieces that breathe more life into a room than even a fresh bouquet of the most beautiful spring flowers can do. That’s why I’ve rounded up a list of 16 floral pieces—from watercolor paintings and throw pillows to chairs and trays—to inspire me (and you!) to inject some spring into my decor. Check them out:

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1. Watercolor print on Etsy 2. Scented candle by Designers Guild 3. China vase by Prouna 4. Patterned pillow by Boeme 5. Palm-leaf headboard by Furbish Studio 6. Printed tray by Oscar de la Renta 7. Duchess chair on One King’s Lane 8. Printed lampshade by Lampara 9. Nested tables by Oriental Furniture 10. Watercolor tray by Zara Home 11. Floral lampshade by Euro Style Lighting 12. Wool rug by Surya Sanderson 13. Bone inlay accent table on One King’s Lane 14. Printed chair by Philippe Starck 15. Floral rug by Plum & Bow 16. Throw pillow by Merritt

The candle, vase, trays, and pillows may be the easiest floral-print pieces to add to any room in your home, but I’m also crazy about using the palm-leaf headboard, bone-inlay accent table and floral-print Duchess chair to make a real spring statement. And the best part about all of these pieces? They’re so packed with color that you only need a piece here or there to make a major impact.

Which of these floral-print pieces would you add to your home, and how are you decorating for spring?


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