Sporty Chic

I don’t know if this makes me stubborn and boring or just a girl who knows what she likes, but when it comes to style, I’m pretty set in my ways. Sure, I’ll have a boho day here or try an out-of-my-comfort zone edgy look there, but nine times out of 10 (more like 99 times out of 100), I like to stick to my classic style and tailored pieces.

But as I was reading this month’s issue of InStyle a few days ago, there was a particular Banana Republic dress that caught my eye. It was a simple, white shift dress—a sleeveless one with an above-the-knee cut and high neckline—but there was something special about it: Its perforated fabric gave this totally classic look a super-sporty edge. And to my surprise, I absolutely loved it!

That got me thinking that—depending on color, style, tailoring and fit of the particular piece—I may just be ready to add a dose of sporty-chic style to my spring wardrobe. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do now, scouring the Internet to find these 10 classic-with-a-sporty-edge pieces that I’d love to incorporate into my closet this season. Check them out:

Those draped trousers from Sanctuary are an amazing find that have the slightest bit of athleticism to them, but a ton of sophistication and versatility, while that two-in-one sweatshirt looks both comfy and ridiculously chic. I love the easy, breeziness of that silk Band of Outsiders dress, and I’m surprisingly crazy about that structured backpack from the new ALDO Rise collection with Ostwald Helgason. And while I can’t quite get on board with the whole rediscovered obsession with Birkenstocks and other slide-on sandals, that double-strap version from Acne would be the perfect stepping stone for me.

What do you think: Would you try this style for spring?


What are your thoughts?

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