Friday Four

Can you believe it’s already Friday again (and already May, at that)? We have quite the busy weekend ahead of us, from attending a First Friday art/beer event this evening and a street festival called Rittenhouse Row tomorrow to going to a Phillies game with a few of our friends on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to such an action-packed few days, though I know it will make our weekend fly by in a snap.

There’s something else to celebrate this weekend, too: the Kentucky Derby, which takes place tomorrow evening. I like to watch horse racing (Harrison absolutely loves it), but I think all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the events—from the dressing up to the placing bets—is what really makes it a blast. And though we won’t be there in person, I decided to celebrate the event this week with a Kentucky Derby–themed Friday Four. Check it out:

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Clockwise from top left: Kentucky Derby grounds; julep cups; flare-hem dress; and Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie.

Visit: The Kentucky Derby; Louisville, Kentucky

Harrison and I have a goal of attending the Kentucky Derby over the next couple of years, and it’s a trip I cannot wait to take. The grounds themselves are absolutely gorgeous, and going to a horse race is always 10 times more fun than I ever imagine it will be. Kentucky, we here come!

Live With: Monogrammed mint julep cups from Ross-Simons

I’m no mint julep drinker myself (can’t stand the taste of whiskey!), but I could totally get on board with these adorable monogrammed julep cups. Whether you’re using them for cocktails, to hold little bouquets of flowers or just as a decorative bar piece, these little pieces pack a ton of sophisticated punch not matter how you use them.

Wear: Flare-hem brocade dress from Shoshanna

What kind of Kentucky Derby celebration is complete without a super-cute and girly sundress? And if this gorgeous Shoshanna number doesn’t fit the bill, I don’t know what will. All you need is a derby hat and white pump, and you’ll be ready to hit the races.

Eat: Kentucky Derby Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie (via Sift & Whisk)

Even though bourbon isn’t my thing, I have no doubt that the chocolate and pecan goodness in this decadent pie could totally convince me to dig into a slice (or two) of this traditional Southern masterpiece.


What are you wanting to visit, live with, wear and eat this week?


What are your thoughts?

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