Summer Sun Hats

Am I the only one who’s currently obsessing over big, floppy sun hats? I’ve been a fan of the spring + summer staple for a few years now—ever since I bought my first basic black, woven version in college—but it seems my love for the super-chic accessory is growing deeper by the season (and day, even!).

And considering that my poor, fair skin tends to burn easily, I’m always on board with pretty pieces that will help me stay both polished and protected when the weather heats up, which is exactly why I’ve been on the hunt for yet another summer sun hat to add to my collection. And lucky for me, it looks like I have a lot to choose from:

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1. Crocheted sun hat by Kate Spade New York 2. Striped sun hat by Eric Javits 3. Floppy hat by Topshop 4. Two-tone hat by Oliver Bonas 5. Raffia sun hat by Calypso St. Barth 6. Chiffon-trim sun hat by Noel Stewart 7. Patterned hat by Echo 8. Woven hat by Nordstrom 9. Striped sun hat by Swell 10. Two-tone sun hat by Lanvin 11. Pierced sun hat by Eugenia Kim 12. Wide-brim sun hat by H&M

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic black or striped sun hat, so the versions from Kate Spade New York, Eric Javits, Topshop and Swell are no brainers. But I’m also loving the patterns on the Echo and Eugenia Kim versions, and I love the injection of color on the pieces from Lanvin and H&M. If we’re being completely honest, though, I want (and would most definitely wear!) each and every one of these beauties.

So which one do you think I should pick first?


What are your thoughts?

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