Friday Four

Happy Friday, all! Hope your week flew by as quickly as mine and that you’re looking forward to a nice and exciting (or relaxing!) weekend ahead. We’re going out with Harrison’s new coworkers tonight, and then possibly heading to a Yankee’s game tomorrow evening. Aside from that, I may try out a few new recipes, do a little more exploring and simply enjoy the gorgeous weather we’re supposed to have this weekend.

But before the weekend officially begins, I wanted to share everything I want to live with, wear, visit and eat (slash drink) this weekend:

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Clockwise from top left: Yellow walls; red dress; rooftop theater; and fruity sangria.

Live With: Pop-of-color walls (photo via Veranda)

Not that we have much say in the matter, considering we rent our apartment, but I would love to be able to add a nice splash of color to the walls in just one room to breath a little more life and energy into our place. And seeing how gorgeous that yellow looks in the airy, tiled-floor hallway above, that’s the hue I’m going to be dreaming of all summer long.

Wear: Gorgeous red dress (photo via Fashionata)

Speaking of summer hues, I’ve been seeing so much red everywhere lately, from the streets to the red carpet. And though I’ve never been one to wear much of the color myself, I’m thinking this summer is the perfect time to change that with a beautiful red dress. I love the laser-cut number above, but I’d be just as happy with this one or this one, too.

Visit: An outdoor theater (photo via Rooftop Films)

Harrison and I went on an awesome movie date the other week, and I’ve been in the mood to go back to the theater ever since. And seeing as it’s summer, where better to catch a movie than outdoors (rooftop theater, anyone?)?

Drink: Rosé Sangria (recipe via A Cup of Jo)

On Monday, I mentioned the amazing brunch we had last Sunday, though I didn’t mention that the only thing disappointing about the experience was the not-so-tasty sangria. But I’m pretty sure this recipe would put the taste of that bad cocktail out of my mind completely (and I might just have to test that!).

What’s on your love list this week?


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