I may love sleek, minimalist and classic pieces, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t appreciate a good embellishment or two every now and then—especially when it comes in the form of a classic-chic detail like embroidery. I’ve really been crushing on embroidered pieces as of late, and since I don’t have many already hanging in my closet, I thought I’d go hunting for a few lady-like and summery embroidered picks to add to my seasonal wardrobe. Here are just a few of my favorites I spotted along the way:

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1. Tank by Tory Burch 2. Dress by Sea NY 3. Shorts by Rebecca Taylor 4. Dress by River Island 5. Top by Suno 6. Shorts by Ostwald Helgason 7. Dress by Tibi 8. Shirt by Suno 9. Clutch by Serpui Marie 10. Loafers by Kenzo

I adore the traditional-but-nautical feel of the navy embroidery on that white lace Sea NY dress, and the tiny embroidered hem on those Rebecca Taylor shorts is to die for. I’m also loving some of the more colorful pieces, from the River Island dress and Ostwald Helgason shorts to the beautiful Serpui Marie clutch and adorable Kenzo loafers.

Have you worked this delicate and seasonal detail into your summer wardrobe yet?


What are your thoughts?

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