Ballet-Inspired Style

Growing up a dancer, I walked around in tights, leotards, ballet buns and stage makeup more than I would care to admit. And though I quickly tired of it as a young girl + teenager, I’ve come to really love delicate, feminine and sophisticated ballet-inspired style as I get older (I’m evening sporting a sleek ballet bun right this moment!).

That’s why I’m super excited that dancers and their amazing sense of style are getting a ton of attention right now in the fashion world, starring in campaigns for Under Armour and VPL, among others.

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To celebrate this spotlight on beautiful ballerinas, why don’t you head on over to Wantable’s style blog to check out a piece I put together featuring three ways to rock the ballerina-inspired style trend? And then tell me: How would you wear this look?


What are your thoughts?

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